Additional Mummies Uncovered Near Vizier’s Tomb In Luxor

Additional Mummies Uncovered Near Vizier's Tomb In Luxor

Two tombs containing additional mummies of numerous high officials and religious members have reportedly been uncovered near Vizier’s Tomb in Luxor by a team of Egyptian and Spanish archaeologists from the Vizier Amenhotep-Huy Project. This is according to a report from EFE.

Amenhotep-Huy was the vizier of Amenhotep III during the 18th dynasty, who ruled from roughly 1390 to 1352 B.C. He rejected the religious rituals that Akhenaten, the pharaoh’s son, had encouraged.

Additional Mummies Uncovered Near Vizier's Tomb In Luxor amenhotep-huy

Francisco J. Martn, the team’s leader, said, “He is a very significant individual. The vizier’s tomb, a chapel with 30 columns situated on the west bank of the Nile River, is connected by two chambers to the recently found tombs. Because the location was sacrosanct, they started to erect more graves from other dynasties inside the vizier’s tomb, according to Martn.

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